Francesco Giani
Honorary consul of the Russian Federation

Lawyer inscribed at the Attorneys Bar Association of Pisa. Professor of Environmental law at the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences, of the University of Pisa.

Mob.: +39 347 5091788 - +79 267050381
E-mail: f.giani@studiolegalegiani.it

After the Master's Degree in Law at the University of Pisa, he obtained a scholarship for merit in order to carry out the I level Master in environmental law 'Sea and land in the perspective of European policies' at the University 'Ca Foscari di Venezia, achieved on February 22, 2005.

He worked as a lawyer and collaborated with Prof. Marcello Calamia, professor of international law and the European Union law at the University of Pisa - Faculty of Law, with whom he graduated and in 2006 became the owner of the Giani Law Firm, specialized in environmental law consulting.

Enrolled in the Register of Environmental Jurists, he collaborated in the drafting of the D.M. of 19 February 2007, c.d. 'Conto energia' and was a consultant of the Associazione Industriali Recuperatori Auto in order to prepare the 'Framework Program Agreement for the management of end-of-life vehicles' signed by the Ministry for the Environment and Protection of the Territory and the Sea, by the Ministry Economic Development and Trade Associations on May 8, 2008.

In the field of teaching, as well as numerous teaching activities carried out in favor of public bodies, control and supervision bodies, companies and professional organizations, it collaborates with Industrial Associations, CNA, Confcommercio, carrying out courses on environmental law and administrative responsibility of the Bodies and, in particular, with regard to the new regulations introduced with the Consolidated Environmental Act - Legislative Decree 152/06 and subsequent amendments. He has published many articles in specialized magazines (Utility - Confictur news).

He entertained relations of cooperation with the 'Skolkovo Foundation' in Moscow and with the 'Russian House for International Scientific and Technological Cooperation' Moscow, focusing, in particular, the contracts linked to the theme of the transfer of Know-How, especially in relation to technologies of the frontier for the production of electric energy and management of waste. For over ten years he has worked with the Region of Tuscany, the Province of Pisa and some of the tuscan towns, for the promotion of cultural exchanges and business between Italy and the Russian Federation. He has taken part and has been the support of numerous bilateral Commissions that have involved the aforementioned Entities, the Senate of the Italian Republic, the Senate of the Russian Federation, the Regions of Kaluga, Rjazan’, Murmansk, Krasnodar, Voronez, the Altai, the Republic of Dagestan and some of the Associations of Russian law for the cooperation and the facilitation of inter-regional transfers.

Since 2009 he is contract Professor of public Law, administrative, environmental, and cultural Law at the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences and Environmental, University of Pisa.

In January 2010 he founded with Lawyers, Antonio Giani and Valentina Moscardini the professional association 'Studio Legale Associato Giani Octopus'.

Since 2010 he has been carrying out legal assistance extrajudicial on behalf of important credit institutes.

In 2011 he was a lecturer in the field of environmental law as part of the IFTS course, a senior technician for the monitoring and management of the territory and the environment.

From 2012 to July 2015, has participated on the Board of Directors of TOSCANA ENERGIA S. p.a..

From 2013 is member of the Centesimus Annus Pro Pontifice, the Association of law of the Vatican that supports the charitable initiatives of the Holy Father (www.centesimusannus.org).

With the ministry decree. n. 360 of December 13, 2013 was appointed by the Minister of the Environment and Protection of the Territory and Sea component of the Study Group for the identification of strategies and political priorities for the analysis, revision and implementation of the relevant legislation of environmental protection.

With Decree of the Minister for the Environment and Protection of the Territory and the Sea of 22 October 2015, Prot. 0020762 GAB, he was appointed Legal Advisor to the Undersecretary of State, Mrs. Silvia Velo.

Since December 2015, participates in the Board of Directors of GESAM S.p.a..

Since February 2016 he is a member of the Independent Evaluation Body (O.I.V.) of the Regional Council, of the Regional Council and of the dependent bodies of the Tuscany Region.

On 5 December 2017, having examined the Patent Letters dated 10 November 2017 with which the Authorities of the Russian Federation appointed him Honorary Consul, holder of the Honorary Consular Office of the Russian Federation in Pisa, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation he has granted the relative exequatur (GU n.298 of 22-12-2017).

From January 2018 he is registered in the National list of independent performance assessment bodies.

It manages the technical and legal assistance during the drafting of the 'Organization and Management Models' pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001
E’ membro di numerosi Organismi di Vigilanza

It carries out training activities regarding internal controls and risk management pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001.

He mainly deals with judicial and extrajudicial consultancy in the field of environmental law for companies and public bodies also active in the management of waste and in the sector of the production of electricity from conventional and renewable sources. He has overseen the drafting of Energy Plans, as well as numerous other environmental policy management tools and tenders for the awarding of services aimed at protecting the environment. He deals with the internationalization of Italian companies abroad and in particular in the Russian Federation. He provides assistance for the managerial organization of leading Italian and foreign companies.

Antonio Giani
Lawyer inscribed at the Attorneys Bar Association of Pisa.
E-mail: a.giani@studiolegalegiani.it

After his law degree at the University of Pisa, he carried out the legal practice in several legal firms.

In January 2010 together with lawyers Francesco Giani and Valentina Moscardini he established the Law Firm "Studio Legale Associato Giani Moscardini".

A. Giani conducts the general management of the Firm organizing work sessions with partners and maintaining relations with clients.
Specialized in civil law, administrative law (road accidents), tort law, and debt recovery, he carries out the general supervision of all of the judicial and extrajudicial activity of the Firm.
He also conducts legal consultative activity for important lending institutions and trade associations.

Valentina Moscardini
Lawyer inscribed at the Attorneys Bar Association of Lucca.
E-mail: v.moscardini@studiolegalegiani.it

After obtaining her law degree at the Law Faculty of the University of Pisa, V. Moscardini carried out the legal practice at the law firm of Nicola Berti, as well as conducted the notarial traineeship at the notary studio of Domenico Costantino in Lucca.

V. Moscardini has attended the notarial school "A. Anselmi" of the National Notarial Council of Rome and the notarial school "L. Ghenghini" in Naples.

After the Bar examination, she began to work together with Francesco Giani, focusing on general contracts construction and drafting recommendations and reports with regard to the Environmental law.

In 2007 she collaborated with the University of Pisa conducting activities on "bibliographic research with legislative development and administrative practices with regard to the waste sector, particularly dump management cycles".

In April 2008 she organized and held a lecture on Environmental law at the Industrial Association of Lucca, "the reform of the Environment Code in accordance with Decree 4/2008".

In January 2010 together with Francesco Giani and Antonio Giani she established the Law Firm "Studio Legale Associato Giani Moscardini".

In 2010 she lectured Environmental law courses at professional institutions.
Since 2012 she is an Assistant Professor in the Environment Legislation course at the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences of the University of Pisa.

In the Studio V. Moscardini mainly provides legal advice and support in the field of Environmental law, conducts general contractual work and debt recovery activity in favour of lending institutions with particular regard to environmental hygiene tax.


Practicing lawyer inscribed at the Attorney Bar Association of Pisa.

M. Baldacci has obtained the law degree at the Law Faculty of the University of Pisa, defending his thesis with Prof. Giovannangelo De Francesco in Criminal Law on the "Paedophilia: legal and criminological profiles" and receiving 100/110 as a final score. He is currently collaborating with Francesco Giani, taking care, mainly, of the criminal aspects of the Model 231.